Man Demands Paternity Test From Girlfriend He Never Had Sex With

A man on Reddit is questioning his girlfriend’s pregnancy after declaring that he never even had sex with her.

“My girlfriend and I dry humped about some months ago. She was in sweat shorts and underwear and I was naked. I ejaculated. She said she was in her fertile window and she’s been freaking out since,” he shared.

“She just got a test [pregnancy] done and it’s positive,” he continued on Reddit.

The man admitted he is “so confused” because his girlfriend was dressed during their intimacy.

“I’m so lost right now. Should I believe I am responsible? I’m asking for a prenatal test but she’s refusing,” he concluded his post.

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Users in the comments agreed the man should get a paternity test.

“No. You have a right to know. Do not sign a birth certificate without a paternity test,” one person wrote.

“She either isn’t actually pregnant at all, or she cheated. I hate using the word ‘impossible,’ but it is virtually impossible that she got pregnant from the activity described,” another user chimed in.

“No. Get a test, full stop. Do not sign anything. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING … Your girl banged some other dude, got knocked up, and is now tryna pin it on you without even giving you some actual booty,” someone else commented.

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