Man Demands Friend Split Ticket After Parking Illegally

A man on Reddit says his friend is angry with him because he won’t split the payment for a parking ticket he had nothing to do with.

The man recently attended an event with his friend, who drove them to the party in his car.

“Before we went, we decided it would be best to meet at his place, and go with his car to the event. Basically, short story from there is that we parked at someplace where he said it was OK and looked like it gave no issues, and went to the event, no problem, and had a fun time,” he wrote.

“However, when we came back to his car we were greeted with a nice and beautiful ticket for parking the wrong space and my friend sort of freaked out in response,” the man continued on Reddit.

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After his friend calmed down, he “proceeded” to tell the man that since he had come with him in the car, he was “also responsible for part of the ticket” and should chip in.

“I said no, that’s ridiculous, I had no decision over the parking, and had no idea what would happen. Mind you I have no control over the driving decisions, I didn’t tell him to park anywhere,” he explained.

The two friends got into a “huge fight” and haven’t spoken since.

Users in the comments rallied behind the man.

“As the driver it was his responsibility to park legally. Side note: If he had to pay for a car park then it would be nice if you offered to split it,” one person wrote.

“Driver has all the responsibility to pay any tickets. It’s okay. You can drop dumb entitled friends,” another commented.

“He’s the driver. It’s his vehicle. If he picked the spot and you had no comment or influence on it, then it’s on him. Now, if you wanna pitch in, that’d be cool, but it’s not required,” someone else shared.

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