Man Cuts Off Family After Brother Cheats With His Girlfriend

A man cut off nearly his entire family after discovering his brother and his ex-girlfriend were secretly hooking up.

“So I was in a relationship with my girlfriend for many years. However, a couple years ago, my girlfriend confessed she had been sleeping with my brother for the past few months. To say that was a heartbreak and traumatic was underselling it. I literally didn’t know what I was feeling then, I felt empty and numb,” he wrote on Reddit.

After finding out about the affair, he immediately cut his brother and ex-girlfriend out of his life.

“However, I would have expected some support from my parents, but instead they didn’t seem too angry, and were actually supportive of the relationship. They just said that cheating was a mistake, but that my girlfriend and my brother were ultimately meant to be together. I literally got no support from my family except from my sister,” he continued.

Two years later, he and his sister have both “cut off complete contact with our brother and also our parents.”

“We’ve moved states, blocked them on every possible outlet. I don’t think our parents know where we currently live. We also have no idea what our parents or our brother are up to. We never plan on reaching out to them ever again,” he concluded.

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Users in the comments supported the man’s decision to cut off his family.

“Those would be some awkward family dinners. Sister’s the only person worth keeping in your life,” one person wrote.

“I would not keep any of them. Sister is good,” another advised.

“Not wrong and how can they expect anything less? How destructive and selfish of them,” someone else commented.

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