Lo’renzo To’rez Showcases Amazing Vocals In “Live Again” And “Closing The Door”

Ohio-based pop artist Lo’renzo To’rez is quickly becoming popular with his fantastic releases “Closing The Door” and “Live Again”. Both of the songs reflect on love and failed relationships, all the while delivering some amazing musical engineering and skilled, heart-melting vocals. “Closing The Door” was produced in north Hollywood, in Randy Jackson’s studio and was a collaboration with talents like Brett Pemberton and Rachel Maloney. The two songs have amassed well over half a million streams across multiple platforms.

Recording professionally since the age of 18, Lo’renzo has always had a special place for music in his heart. His music is focused on honesty, authenticity, and truthfulness at the same time being based on real life experiences. His “You Don’t Belong To Me” has also been very popular, solidifying his following.  

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