Listen To Saint Rien’s Debut Single ‘Tell The Truth’

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Saint Rien released his debut single ‘Tell The Truth’ – a unique fusion of indie, electro, and hip hop. With his very first release, Saint Rien checkmarks all the boxes – he shows off his charisma, the beat and music are original and one-of-a-kind, his vocals are on point, and his lyrics carry a strong message. 

‘Tell The Truth’ points out how broken the system we live in is, and how troubled our lives are with everything going around us and in the world. From politics to media, to social injustice, and environmental struggles – Saint Rien speaks up from the bottom of his heart and is not afraid to tell the truth the way it really is. 

Rumor has it that Saint Rien is about to drop visuals for ‘Tell The Truth’ so stay tuned!