Kolohe Kai Is "Catching Lightning" with His Catchy New Love Song (premiere)

Kolohe Kai first caught the eye of the Pacific reggae scene when he released “Ehu Girl” in 2009. Ever since, the Hawaiian singer-songwriter has been riding massive waves, becoming one of the scene’s most notable stars. His latest, “Catching Lightning”, is the natural continuation of the easy-breezy sound that has garnered him success, but with more grounded romantic roots in its lyricism. Blending elements of pop and R&B into the mix, the new love song is a catchy, sway-worthy cut that’s perfect for summer. Undulating beats and a reggae rhythm meld gorgeously with Kai’s effortless croon.

Kai says, “The entire song hangs on the foundation of these words. Great things like true love will happen at the ‘right’ time. Life doesn’t revolve around our schedule. We have to be patient, and eventually, we will see that the love of a lifetime came at the perfect time. Overall it takes being at the right place and time to “catch lightning” and find genuine lasting love. This song differs from the rest of my catalog in that it’s the only love song in which I express the reality of how hard it was to find true love. Most of my other titles embrace the fluffy ‘everything is all good’ type of love song. This song is a genuine love story of patience, endurance, and joy.”

Releasing on 24 July, “Catching Lightning” is available to pre-save.