King Charles Urged to Use Direct Hotline to President About UFOs

King Charles has been urged to apply “pressure” on U.S. President Joe Biden to “reveal the truth about UFOs.”

Nick Pope, a former employee of the UK’s UFO desk, has revealed the many ways in which the British monarch can help the U.K. disclosure process commence as it did across the pond three months ago, as someone with direct access to the world leader.

In UFO expert Mark Christopher Lee’s new film, The King Of UFOs, Pope says: “Here is somebody who could pick up the phone and say look here what’s going on in the United States. He could ask for a full classified briefing.”

The documentary states that Charles can request Ministers for the U.K. parliament to compile a report if there is ever any unexplained activity in U.K. airspace as it would be a potential defense and safety issue.

The royal could also gather parliamentary questions much like the U.S. initiated discourse and gather enough momentum to force the Defense Minister to hold a hearing.

Pope claims that the king must be interested in UFOs, as his late Prince Phillip and great uncle Lord Mountbatten were.

Lee believes part of the U.K. government’s fears against investigating the phenomena is the “demonic” element to UFO sightings.

The filmmaker recently made the hit Tubi film God Versus Aliens, an exploration of “the spiritual implications that first contact would have.”

Former Canadian diver Dan Costello was interviewed in the film and claims he worked with the then-Prince Charles on Project Serpico in Nova Scotia in Canada in 1975.

It was a top-secret mission, which saw 12 US astronauts travel to the Zeta Reticuli star system to visit an alien race known as the Ebens.

Costello alleges he saw Charles “pilot an experimental craft that resembled a UFO and was powered by a form of electro magnetism which had a harmful effect on those in close proximity to it.”

Further to this, he believes the then-prince’s piloting skills “saved the day.”

Governments across the world have been accused of hiding the existence of aliens for centuries.

However, in July, there was a breakthrough when a public Congress hearing took place after former intelligence officer David Charles Grusch accused the US government of hiding evidence of “non-human intelligence.”

The film will be released on Tubi and Ayozat in November.

View part of Nick Pope’s interview from the film here.

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