Karma Comes for Jeep That Keeps Brake-Checking Car (VIDEO)

A dangerous driver got their comeuppance — as well as a ticket, most likely — after repeatedly cutting off and brake-checking another car on the highway.

In a viral TikTok video posted by @dashcam_bestvideo, a dark-colored Jeep can be seen driving in front of a car that has a dashcam.

When the dashcam driver goes to switch lanes, the Jeep quickly swerves to cut in front of them, instantly hitting their brake.

The dashcam driver proceeds to slow down and switch lanes again to avoid being stuck behind the Jeep. However, the Jeep quickly cuts back over in front of the other car.

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Once again the dashcam car tries to switch lanes, this time heading for an exit ramp. When the driver of the Jeep brake-checks the other car yet again, the dashcam driver pulls over to the side of the road to avid a collision.

Finally, karma comes into play, and a highway officer who witnessed the incident puts their lights on and begins to pull the Jeep driver over.

Watch below:

Viewers in the comments section celebrated watching the Jeep driver get pulled over after antagonizing the other vehicle for so long.

“Anyone who deliberately brake checks another vehicle [should] lose their license for life,” one person wrote.

“I genuinely don’t get the point of this. Like there’s no functional purpose to driving like this, and it takes so much more effort than not doing it,” someone else commented.

“I would’ve sat there and watched him get a ticket while smiling and waving,” another admitted.

“Love instant karma,” someone else shared.

“How do you get so pressed that you literally go out of your way to mess with someone else and not get to your destination?” another viewer questioned.

“Finally [a] cop around when one is needed,” someone else joked.

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