Justin S. Grant Drops the Ecstatic “Fuego N’ Ice” Music Video

The multi-talented Californian artist Justin S. Grant just released the highly anticipated music video to his single “Fuego N’ Ice,” which takes us on a 3-minute sensual trip between a beautiful woman and himself. The chemistry between the two is undeniable. Their dancing, facial and body expressions, and eye contact say it all.

Thanks to his mesmerizing voice, powerful lyrics, and incredible charms, Justin enchants the young lady in red, who cannot keep her eyes off of the singer.

We should also mention that the entire video was shot in SHOREbar – a bar in Santa Monica, California. The shots in the cozy hangout spot give off a much more intimate and cozy vibe, ultimately resulting in top-notch cinematography.

The “Fuego N’ Ice” official music video is available now to watch in 4K and for free on YouTube.  

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