Husband Tells Wife She Does ‘Nothing’ All Day on Maternity Leave

Maternity leave offers a new mom a chance to connect with their newborn. Typically, it’s also an exhausting, challenging period of time complete with sleepless nights and endless tasks.

On TikTok, one woman revealed how she hilariously trolled her husband after he made a snarky comment about how she spends her time on maternity leave.

“My husband made a joke that he thinks I sleep all day whilst he’s at work and I’m doing nothing. So I sent him a play-by-play of what I do in a day,” she wrote, revealing a string of screenshots and photos showing every single task and chore she did in just one day, including washing bottles, cleaning the kitchen and changing the baby’s diaper.

Eventually, her husband threw in the towel. He responded that he “got the point about 100 pics ago.”

“Message received,” she captioned the viral clip, which has been viewed 2.1 million times as of publishing.

Watch below:

In the comments section, viewers related to the TikTok and shared their own experiences as new parents.

“Yep my husband acts like him helping load the dishwasher after dinner each night is a HUMONGOUS contribution to household chores lol,” one person wrote.

“My husband said this but was serious and I made a spite journal and I wrote everything down and what time I do it and give it to him at night,” another commented.

“I’ve thought about wearing a GoPro to show my husband all the invisible labor,” someone else chimed in.

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