How Much Did JoJo Siwa’s Veneers Cost?

JoJo Siwa revealed how much money she spent on her blindingly white veneers in an interview with Buzzfeed during the 2024 GLAAD Media Awards.

After being asked to tell the camera about the most expensive item she was wearing, Siwa quipped, “My teeth.”

“These motherf–kers cost me 50 grand,” she said.

Per E! News, Siwa previously told her fans that she also “picked out the whitest color” for her new chompers.

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According to Page Six, the “Karma” singer discussed her insecurities while appearing on Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test in November 2023.

“I judge myself at everything. I’m a very insecure person. Everything gets judged. You know, people told me I have a receding hairline; they don’t know that I have a stress rash and that’s why I’m balding right here. A 12-year-old shouldn’t have a stress rash on their head that makes them bald, but I did,” she said, talking about the days when she rocked a harsh side ponytail and hair bows.

Now, the 20-year-old star is attempting a rebrand that is meant to be a complete 180 from her glitter and bows childhood persona.

She dropped her new single “Karma” last week and appeared at an awards show in a sheer black jumpsuit with eye-catching makeup.

Despite backlash about her outfit, the look got the seal of approval from KISS’s Gene Simmons.

Siwa was also recently spotted at an adult toy shop in Los Angeles, where she was seen leaving the store with a giant penis-shaped plushie in hand.

However, despite the rebrand, Siwa still has the support of her former Dance Moms teacher Abby Lee Miller.

“It’s JoJo with paint on her face and a fabulous costume. It used to be stars and rainbows and pink and lavender and turquoise, and now it’s black. It’s still her doing incredible dancing,” Miller said in a TikTok video.

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