How ‘In-N-Out’ Burger Chain Figures Out Which Cities to Open

Oh please, please, PLEASE hurry up and open here. In-N-Out is not just one of the most famously delicious, popular burger chains in the country, but also among the pickiest when it comes to opening its phenomenally incredible fast food chains.

While the lucky of the luckiest may have their choice of locations, there are plenty of us in other parts of the country who are dreaming of the day we can drive to an In-N-Out for some mouthwatering food.

If you’ve had In-N-Out, then you know what I’m talking about. Very rarely have I heard someone place In-N-Out burgers outside of their top three best EVER.

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This place and Shake Shack are those ever-elusive burger joints you’ve either heard of but never had the opportunity to grace your taste buds with, or have already been there, done that, and want to do it again, but can’t.

According to In-N-Out, which originated in the Los Angeles area nearly 75 years ago, the chain only has around 335 locations in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Texas, Oregon, and Colorado.

Ouch, am I right? That’s leaving the majority of the country salivating.

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For a burger joint that isn’t in the majority of the country but is still known by virtually everyone, that’s saying something. So what does it take to get one?

According to the OnlyBos Instagram page, In-N-Out doesn’t freeze, microwave, or pre-package any food so there has to be a hamburger patty-making factory or a place to open one within 300 miles of the restaurant.

At least tiny strides are happening outside the mostly western states. According to the Eat This website, Nashville, Tennessee is the latest expansion for this mostly western hot spot set for 2024.

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