GRAIVE: Rising Star from Ocala Releases New Single “Nothing New”

graive backseat

Coming out of the thriving music scene in Ocala, Florida, GRAIVE has emerged as one to watch in Los Angeles. Starting her career as a producer, GRAIVE quickly identified her natural place as a singer-songwriter. Her debut single, “Can’t Stop,” hailed her as one not to overlook, and she quickly inked a deal with CMG, setting a career ablaze.

GRAIVE‘s music is often said to be deeply touching, filled with raw emotions and personal narratives. From a small town in Florida to the big city of Los Angeles, she did it all on the sheer drive to make music and connect with people through it. And that authenticity is what will keep her on the top, one among the few relatable artists in her time.

Her new single, “Nothing New,” can be added to this list. A song that captures the sense of unreciprocated effort in a relationship, “Nothing New” captures that moment when you’re giving too much to someone who’s just not giving any of that energy back to you. Her delivery is soulful, and the lyrics in the song are so evocative that they’d form a story too many can relate to, making “Nothing New” a personal and universal anthem. GRAIVE speaks about the emotional tax of having to deal with unfulfilled promises: “This song was inspired by nonstop trying for someone who just does not put in the same effort yet expects you to be there at their convenience. It’s about never feeling surprised by their actions because you’re always met with empty promises.”

With heartfelt lyrics and infectious melodies, “Nothing New” is the best example of GRAIVE‘s songwriting at work, enabling people to closely identify with it. It has been up and available on all major platforms to stream and own, inviting the audience to join GRAIVE in her musical expedition.

Play GRAIVE’s “Nothing New” now: