Glutenhead Announces New EP & Shares “Genevieve”

Earlier this year, Glutenhead shared a video for their wild-eyed and phenomenal ‘Naked In Toronto’. The eclectic outfit now returns with Genevieve off their forthcoming EP, ‘Palmerston’.

On Genevieve, the band tackles anxiety and despair with Kylie Patton taking lead vocals. It’s sweet and raw with harmonies bleeding through sunlit cracks and into a warm magical landscape. On the single, Benjamin Shapiro offered:

I wrote ‘Genevieve’ about the emotional contradictions that I’ve been feeling the past couple years, being in my early-mid twenties and trying to build a life and a community while feeling like we’re at the end of history. It’s the experience of joy and youth with the seed of melancholy lying dormant under the snow. It’s a toast with friends to the simple pleasures, to “coffee in the sun”. But that’s just my take, make what u will of it!

Bradley Golding returns with Super 8 visuals that are as warm and melancholic as the single. Watch here and catch Glutenhead at the Monarch Tavern this Saturday for their first show back.

The ‘Palmerston’ EP is due out October 5.