GADADU's "dosaardvark" is a Dense, Psychedelic, Jazz-Leaning Gem (premiere)

While the COVID-19 pandemic put plans for their third album on hold, Brooklyn-based psychedelic dream-pop/jazz/soul sextet GADADU saw it as an opportunity to revisit an old song and reconstruct it remotely. The result is “dosaardvark”, their new single, which premieres here on PopMatters.

The song was originally recorded in 2015 during the band’s early days. Due to the restrictions of social distancing in 2020, the band’s leaders, keyboardist Nicki Adams and vocalist/violist Hannah Selin determined that revisiting the song would require re-recording some of the instruments remotely. Consequently, drummer Arthur Vint and tenor saxophonist Ayumi Ishito laid down new parts, which can be heard alongside Adams, Selin, bassist Daniel Stein and trumpet player (and Nicki’s brother) Patrick Adams.