Folk Rock's the Brevet Give a Glimmer of Hope With "Blue Coast" (premiere)

“Blue Coast”, the new single from the Brevet, finds the collective contemplating the move from to the land of opportunity, California, and how hopes and aspirations are quickly dashed once there.

The band’s Aric Chase Damm says, “Everyone always wants to move to California with big hopes and dreams. It usually doesn’t turn out that way, rent is high, people can be brutal here, and life can sometimes be tough while living in a sunny vacation destination. Along the way, we also tend to lose that childlike spark that we had growing up and dreaming about doing the things we wanted in life. The song’s chorus ‘Thank god I found you among the blue coast’ and video are intending to give a bit of hope.”

At once soulful and experimental, “Blue Coast” calls to mind a sun-drenched, bygone era of popular American music while tapping into some of the hazy, dreamlike qualities of bands such as the Church. And, yes, there is a glimmer of hope amid the darkness and a sense that maybe everything will ultimately be alright. Maybe.