Folk Pop's Treva Blomquist Stays "Strong" (premiere)

Treva Blomquist’s new album, Snakes & Saints, arrives on 31 July. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter’s latest single, “Strong” speaks strongly to the positivity heard on the pop-oriented album, demonstrating her ability to craft memorable hooks and throw light at the dark without being overly sentimental.

“This song is the summary of the entire album,” she says. “It’s about casting aside all that hinders us and running towards our goals and dreams. When we do, we find our strength and our heartbeat, and we discover that we can make a difference in this world. We can learn from what’s behind us, and it doesn’t have to define us. This song is a call to listen to your heart. I’ve found my strength in the knowledge that I am a beloved child of God. I want to run my life’s race as one who really believes that. I don’t have to hustle for love. I am already loved. Knowing we are loved produces a quiet and unshakeable strength.”