First of Its Kind Virtual Racing Finally Coming to U.S.

Start your engines. More than 60 simulators, each equipped with motion and audio-visual effects, were designed specifically for the world’s first F1 Arcade and experience heading to its first location in America.

According to Formula 1, this ultimate, immersive experience doesn’t even exist in the United States yet but plans to open several around the country.

This first of its kind in the world, F1 simulator racing and social experience was an incredible success at its flagship arcade in London, which opened in the fall of 2023 according to Formula 1.

F1 Arcade via Facebook

F1 Arcade via Facebook


According to Formula 1, the London arcade has already welcomed more than 8,000 fans weekly since opening, so it’s time to open across the Atlantic.

Along with this cutting-edge F1 Arcade venue will be a globally inspired, best-in-class food menu, imaginative drinks, and craft beer and wine.

F1 via Facebook

F1 via Facebook


This top-of-the-line sim racing equipment will make its United States debut in Boston, Massachusetts in March 2024, eventually opening up at least 20 more locations across the country, according to Formula 1.

The Boston space boasts an enormous feature cocktail bar, several F1 circuit-inspired ceiling chandeliers and race telemetry wall neons, along with a set of high-end private rooms which can be combined to accommodate up to 200 guests.  Motorsport Games’ RFactor2 racing simulation platform allows guests to choose from a variety of racing modes and compete against each other individually, in teams, or as part of all-venue racing formats, while different modes are available for all ages and abilities.

If you want to step inside the experience right now and get a better idea of what’s to come, click here.

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