Exceptional Young Artist CALYN Releases First Single Of The Year With “Falling”

Prominent prospect CALYN finally dropped her long-awaited single “Falling,” and the track is so good that it transcends her immense expressions in a completely new form. 

It’s obvious why everyone thinks CALYN will be a successful pop star and it’s all because of her roaring and resonating voice, innate ability to capture an audience and incredibly supportive environment, which includes her fellow-artist sister, DYLI. After the release of “Kinda Love.,” CALYN has been noticed by r&b and pop fans as one to look out for closely. 

Her latest single “Falling” is a more mellow pacing of jazzy and water-like rhythms that accentuate the artist’s resonating vocals filled with raw emotions. Its simplistic form allows listeners to be taken away from their reality and go into this futuristic world of romantic mishappenings. 

“Falling” by CALYN might just be one of the best songs released this year, and we recommend you all to have it in your library as a must-listen song.

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