EP Premiere: Double Life – ‘Indifferent Stars’

Posted: by The Editor

LA-based alt rock duo Double Life, comprising guitarist/vocalist Nick Vance (ex-Deep Sleep) and drummer Rick Mendoza, dropped the title track of their debut EP without warning last week, and it rocked my world. Today I’m stoked to be premiering the full three-track Indifferent Stars EP, which draws from the alt-metal of Quicksand (most noticeably on closer “Deadbody”) and the muscular shoegaze of Catherine Wheel.

The layout and design was handled by Kamtin Mohager, formerly of Teenage Wrist and currently of Heavenward, and both of those projects are accurate touchstones for where Indifferent Stars goes. There are a lot of bands doing this sort of thing lately, but Double Life is significantly catchier than just about anyone else in this lane. Vance’s melodies are sticky enough for straight-up pop rock, and for a first offering Indifferent Stars never leans too much on well-worn structures. It’s a rewarding listen, and it’ll be cool to see where they go from here.

It’s not hard to imagine whatever follows this being a scene-defining release–that’s how much potential Double Life shows on here. Check out Indifferent Stars below.

Indifferent Stars is out tomorrow.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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