Enrose Introduces “Tattoo”: New Single Merging Various Styles & Sounds

Enrose Introduces “Tattoo”

Enrose ’s freshest drop, the track “Tattoo,” seamlessly blends the expertise of the uber-talented Kit Benz, the sensational Gabi Rose, and the dynamic Jake Navarro. This collaboration gives birth to an absolutely enchanting musical escapade. The band’s saxophonist and the brilliant mind behind this project, spoke about the single, which fuses various influences like R&B and Chill Pop. 

Gabi Rose, the singer-songwriter, recounts that Enrose ’s beginnings can be traced to a series of songs she penned during her college days. Producer, Anthony Lopardo, discovered the potential within her demo recordings and offered the necessary support to set off on this fresh journey. Thus, the band came into existence, driven by a vision that transcended mere solo pursuits, embracing ambitious aspirations for limitless expansion.

Infusing themes of strength, openness, self-discovery, and affection, the song captures the essence of getting a tattoo as a metaphor for personal transformation. Enrose skillfully relates the audacity of getting inked to the process of taking daring steps in life, leading to growth and self-reflection. The track vividly portrays the excitement and renewal that arise when stepping beyond comfort zones to embrace fresh modes of self-expression.

On a mission to break down barriers, Enrose serves as a platform to challenge societal norms and inspire genuine self-expression without reservation. As the band continues to push boundaries, their songs, including “Tattoo,” deeply resonate with a diverse audience, fostering a profound sense of liberation and togetherness.

Listen to “Tattoo” here: