Emi Meyer Ascends Into "Space" (premiere)

Emi Meyer’s artistic growth from precocious vocalist to grounded singer-songwriter has been well-appointed. She has impressed American and Japanese crowds with her vocal prowess and starlit arrangements, acknowledging the complex and colorful tones of her early jazz influences to accentuate the feelings of her performances. Most recently, Meyer has rubbed elbows with the award-winning bluesman, Keb’ Mo’, who produced her 2019 release, WINGS.

Now, the artist is releasing new original material amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Each new song takes ample advantage of her jazzy roots, but use them to move into other directions for Meyer. Sweeping strings meet with Meyer’s well-tempered piano to produce cerebral compositions that skate between varying directions on the roots compass, from soul to country, to classical, and onward. “Space” is a sweet, nuanced ballad that hones-in on Meyer’s capabilities as an emotive vocalist and pianist. Strings undulate in the background, perfectly accenting Meyer’s performance at the forefront before swelling into a beautiful, classically-inclined bridge.

“Space” is due to release on 4 September.