Eliyanah Boasts Amazing Vocals On “Love Burned Out”

Eliyanah kick-started a whopping music career with the hit single “Love Burned Out.” The song digitally exacerbated moving sentiments, crystallizing them in the finished offering.

The perfectly formatted track is coupled with chugging percussion, a beefy bass line, and interwoven pluck and synth melodies. Eliyanah sublime vocal work rides atop it all, with her signature soothing, sexy tones.

Eliyanah opens her first package to the industry with an infectious pumper that combines fine kicks with chopped-up, engaging vocal chants, and a bouncing bassline sequence. It’s a rolling groove of great finesse and is designed to get listeners moving. “Love Burned Out” is a heartfelt house anthem that focuses on seductive tunes, soaring synths, and classy percussion to round out this impressive offering in style.

Collecting over 50K streams on Spotify.

With loud vibrations and striking lyrics, this song is the perfect soundscape for an escape route.
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