Drake Shows Off Collection of Bras Fans Have Thrown on Tour

Drake is showing off the massive collection of bras fans have thrown at him on the It’s All A Blur Tour.

Drake Poses With Massive Collection of Bras from His It’s All A Blur Tour

On Wednesday (Sept. 6), Drake hit up both his Instagram Story and his IG post feed with a whole new type of flex as the rap world eagerly awaits his For All The Dogs album. In the fast-motion video clip below, two women can be seen hard at work over an industrial-sized laundry bin sorting through what appears to be hundreds of brassieres that Drake has been famously pummeled with all along the It’s All A Blur Tour.

From that point, Champagne Papi himself poses jovially among rows and rows of colorful undergarments that someone was apparently tasked with sorting out by size.

“Remember when we both forgot who the f**k I was in unison… that wavelength was def a foolish one,” Drake captions the photo below as he shows off his busty barrage of bras.

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Drake and Fans Bras Have Made Headlines All Summer Long

It’s no surprise that Drake is taking the opportunity to show off the wide array of women’s shapewear he’s amassed over the course of the It’s All A Blur Tour. All summer long, the bras that fans have thrown on stage have been as much a topic of conversation as Drizzy’s forthcoming album and the performances themselves.

Last month, Drake‘s dad, Dennis Graham, got in on the joke by gifting his son a bra almost as big as him live onstage. Most recently, a fan threw their own mother’s bra at Drizzy before the OVO boss draped it over his head. Even 50 Cent has made note of Drake‘s brassiere phenomenon, complaining over the fact that he hasn’t been receiving the same treatment at shows.

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Drake’s It’s All A Blur Tour Has Been Packed With Wild Moments

While the flying bras have dominated headlines when it comes to Drake‘s recent performances, the entirety of the It’s All A Blur Tour has been packed with wild moments. Aside from being hit with cell phones, hats and even a special edition Air Jordan, highlights from the tour include Drizzy rapping next to a person fans thought was a hologram and Drake being grabbed by the throat as he enters the area through the crowd.

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In the video and photos below, catch a glimpse of Drake‘s massive collection of bras fans have thrown his way over the past couple of months.

See Drake Showing Off His Massive Collections of Bras Fans Have Thrown at Him on Tour

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