Dorian Drops Laid-Back And Chill Album Named Songs In The Key Of Love

Dorian delivered laid-back and chill albums, Songs In The Key Of Love Part 1 & Part 2. The collection sounds more subtle than anything on the scene, while also making space for Dorian to experiment with genres. 

For musicians of all genres, pain, and love often live in tandem – and Dorian’s latest work is an ultimate proof of this thesis. On Songs In The Key Of Love, he literally says everything about love and pain that you can imagine, and exposes all types of feelings that connect with it directly. 

From the very first tunes of the opening tracks on Part 1, Dorian sets the bars pretty high. He kicks off with the smooth track “Any Thing Goes,” and speeds up the tempo on “Rush,” and “Remain The Same.” All pieces on Part 1 feature juicy beats with a vibe from the R&B world. Dorian adds synths, and electro influences to spice up the melodies, and as an outcome, listeners get a creative project full of unexpected drops and hooks. 

The Part 2 continues the mood created in the first part, but the melodies are more vivid and lifeful but it swings more into the pop genre than stays in traditional R&B. Dorian turns up the tempo and goes, his vocal is equally emotional and well delivered, but the melodies are rushed. Songs In The Key Of Love closes up with probably our favorite song from the whole project titled ‘Ultimate Classic’ featuring Hellah and Junior – great silky, bedroom pop track with deep lyrics, and unique atmosphere.