Dontmesswithjuan Has A Myriad of Songs To Take You On A Trip

This is the work of a magical girl in action. Dontmesswithjuan is a Montreal-based up-and-coming artist who has recently declared the release date of her first album Juan & The Pursuit Of Happiness. The theme is not far off from her previous works as she takes us on a trip with her fictional character Juan.

The album is written, recorded, produced, and mixed by the artist, as she offers fans an 8 track collection displaying her talents. The genre, what she calls “Surrealist Electronica,” is the perfect blend of mystery and intrigue.

Her previous track, “Daily Grind,” is the first level of the mystery creation; Juan needs to confront his pursuit of happiness. This is also the first song of the EP Juan & The Happiness Algorithm.

Dontmesswithjuan is the solo project of Stéphanie Essiambre, and the singer, songwriter, and music producer. She perfectly collects and organizes the small questions of one’s decisions of love and terror. Her meditative tunes, unparalleled vocals, and unforgettable lyrics blend perfectly to create something close to magic.