Dirty Harry Moves Fast & Strong With Yet Another Sophisticated Drop Titled “Shake Back”

Dirty Harry, straight outta his base in Broward, Florida, has been dropping multiple sounds this year, building a solid reputation for himself with songs like “Sleepless Nights” and “Blue Face.” He continues moving fast with the release of yet another sophisticated drop titled “Shake Back,” a track opening-up with some classy keys before Harry enters with his smooth flow, taking over the vibe with his powerful presence. In the footsteps of legends like Dr. Dre, Tupac and Biggie, the talented emcee revives the classic kind of rapping that made the genre enter history a few decades ago. Humility and greatness often go hand in hand, and while some spend all their energy trying to impress the crowds, Dirty Harry marks spirits by simply talking about what matters the most for him; the everyday workers and those in touch with daily struggles, making his rap unmistakable relatable and inspiring. It’s the Hip-Hop artists like Dirty Harry that give us hope the genre is not dead, while we already anticipate his next move.