Denae Breaks Through with New Hit “My Dark Place”

The singer and songwriter, Denae, has delivered her very first EP, titled “My Dark Place.” With hues of electronic pop/rap, the artist conveys ever-so relatable issues with her lyrics.

The EP boasts five soulful tracks packed with vivid creativity and honesty. The artist shares her deepest and rawest of emotions, putting you in a trans of feelings. Her work is viewed as an enduring demonstration of her ability to convert anguish, isolation, and anxiety into sheer transonic excellence. The EP will encourage and motivate many grappling with similar mental health concerns, making it an all-time relatable frame of work.

Her vocals bear a signature pop-rap style which fits perfectly with the electronic atmospherics. She has a knack to switch between hard-hitting tracks and more tender joints, even smoothly shifting between styles within one track. A remarkably passionate and crude record, Denae has discovered the hidden code to communicate her feelings to the listeners using her voice as the ultimate incentive.

Thanks to her thought-provoking lyrics and unmatched soundscapes orbiting around intensity and melodicity, Denae has the ability to create instantaneous connections with the listeners. With tracks such as “Last Night” and  “All Noise,” you can definitely expect this EP to stick on your playlist.