Dejhare Drops Her Latest Dance-Pop Banger – “Do What You Gotta Do”

Singer-songwriter Dejhare drops her latest dance-pop single, a sublime banger she simply titled “Do What You Gotta Do.” The track sees Dejhare talk about our shared experience through the pandemic, while pouring motivation, empowering vibes, and just positivity, her way of helping the world heal and move forward. These past months, she used her time at home to explore and experiment with new musical styles, and the result is truly astonishing, from start to finish. 

Earlier this year, Dejhare released a reimagined dance version of her first album that listeners can listen to on all streaming platforms, titled D7

The production quality and inspiring vibes Dejhare has managed to give “Do What You Gotta Do” are the two main elements that will ensure this track’s success, as we expect it to reach the hearts of millions of listeners across the globe.