Death By Unga Bunga Deliver Deft Hooks, Garage Rock Ecstasy on "Faster Than Light" (premiere)

Death By Unga Bunga’s Heavy Male Insecurity arrives 12 February via Jansen Records and reveals that the Norwegian outfit’s particular brand of melodic garage rock remains untarnished by time or global events.

The latest single, “Faster Than Light”, isn’t quite vintage glam but it hooks like vintage glam. It’s not quite power punk but it soars like power punk. It’s not quite heavy metal but it punches like metal. It’s not quite an underground gem released in the halcyon days of college rock in the ’80s but it’s as energetic and enigmatic as something someone would find roaming left of the dial back then. It’s a summertime hit issued in the dead of winter, a love song that’s not about real love from a quintessentially American band that’s not American. “Faster Than Light” is one slice of a pie that reminds us how fun music, and rock ‘n’ roll, in particular, can be.

Death By Unga Bunga lead vocalist and guitarist Sebastian Ulstad Olsen says, “To be tough, cool and a lot of fun? That’s easy! Being useful and someone people can depend on? Nah, can’t be bothered.”