Chris Sunfield’s “Bicycle Girl” – A Playful Journey Through Existential Philosophy

Chris Sunfield stands out not only for his diverse soundscapes but also for his ability to infuse deep, existential themes into his songs. His latest release, “Bicycle Girl,” playfully intertwines philosophy and personal reflection, offering a unique listening experience. His journey through music has been anything but ordinary, and this recent single serves as a testament to his introspective and thought-provoking approach to songwriting. 

On the inspiration behind “Bicycle Girl,” Sunfield described how traumatic experiences in his youth led him to ponder life’s big questions, shaping his artistic vision. The song, while lighter in tone compared to his other works like “Begin,” “Tomorrow’s Here,” and “Anton,” still carries significant existential weight. Chris draws inspiration from Søren Kierkegaard, imagining the philosopher’s own struggles with melancholy and love through the track’s narrator. 

The accompanying music video further emphasizes the song’s lighthearted take on heavy themes. Sunfield aimed to create a carefree visual experience that mirrors the track’s essence, featuring the ‘Bicycle Girl’ character as a symbol of simplicity and joy amidst complex philosophical thoughts. 

Beyond “Bicycle Girl,” Sunfield’s musical journey is marked by constant evolution. His willingness to experiment across genres, from pop punk to chamber pop, reflects his belief that the song is the ultimate hero in the creative process. His upcoming shift towards a blend of dream pop and experimental rock highlights his endless pursuit of new musical horizons. 

Chris Sunfield ‘s future projects, including an EP featuring songs he feels are best suited for female artists, and his decision to offer his pop compositions to other artists, reveal a musician unafraid to explore and redefine his artistic identity. His journey, much like the existential themes he explores, is a constant quest for authenticity and balance in both life and art.

Watch the official music video for “Bicycle Girl” here:

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