Cann Zeka Confronts Himself Like Never Before On “Mirror Mirror”

DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter Cann Zeka just dropped his debut track, “Mirror Mirror,” a deeply meaningful track in which he shares his own fight between attraction and repulsion, demonstrating his strong interest towards spirituality and psychology, all the while blending Hip-Hop with electronic soundscapes in the most creative ways we’ve seen so far. Inspired by Usher, Michael Jackson, and Madonna, among others, Cann Zeka is all about being the most sincere possible with the listener, and that comes with first being fully authentic with himself first. His message and experience are universal, and everyone will relate on some levels to Zeka’s personal inner fight. Whether it is electronic dance music fans, or hip-hop and R&B listeners, everyone will find what they like in Zeka’s beautiful sound, and meaning throughout this very deep song in which he confronts himself in such an inspiring way.