Bride Wants Refund After Wedding Photographer Sleeps With Groom

A wedding photographer on Reddit encountered an interesting dilemma after their second shooter allegedly slept with the groom, prompting the devastated bride to demand a refund.

“Earlier this summer I shot a wedding. My typical second shooter couldn’t make it, so I found someone else online who I felt did good work. Anyways her and I did the wedding, and everything seemed business as usual. Photos were edited, delivered to client, all was good,” the photographer shared in a Reddit post.

“Then this morning I got an email from the bride. She was wanting a refund because the lady I had hired as second shooter for the day ended up sleeping with her husband at some point after the wedding,” the photographer continued, adding that the bride even provided receipts: “She also included photos from his phone to prove it.”

The photographer asked Reddit for advice on the best way to handle the odd situation.

“She hired me for a job and the job was completed and product was delivered. But I also feel like this would be as if I were a professional dog walker who walked a client’s dog, then came back and shot it later,” they wrote.

“I really feel for this lady, but that’s also a lot of money to have to give back for work that was done,” the photographer concluded.

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Many Reddit users in the comments section sided with the photographer.

“This sounds harsh, but her husband was going to cheat on her regardless of who your second shooter was. It’s not your fault that she married him,” one person commented.

“Tell them you are sorry to hear that but there isn’t a way for you to refund for a service that has been completed per your contract. The second shooter is a contractor who I will not work with again but she is not directly involved with my business. I can not refund you because something unfortunate happened that I had no control over,” another person wrote.

Others were just entertained by the shocking story.

“This is why I like Reddit. A peep into the madness of life,” one user wrote.

“This is the funniest s–t I ever heard. Seriously, this is some sitcom-level writing right here. I know you may not see it that way, but come on,” another person commented.

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