Bride ‘Shocked’ to Find Mother-in-Law Wearing Her Wedding Dress

A bride-to-be on Reddit has demanded her future mother-in-law buy her a new dress before the wedding after she found the woman trying on her bridal gown. She’s even threatened to show a photo of her future groom’s mom in her wedding dress if she doesn’t pay up.

“I bought my wedding dress weeks ago. My [future mother-in-law] kept pestering me about trying it on but I firmly refused. I finally shut it down after she offered me $100 to let her try it on. Her reasoning for persisting so much? She says it’s because of her ‘love’ for wedding dresses and her obsession with them,” the bride began.

“Fast forward to yesterday, I came home from work early and I found my fiancé at home. He freaked out after seeing me and tried to prevent me from going into my room while trying to text somebody on his phone,” the bride-to-be continued on Reddit.

When she opened the door to her room, she was “shocked to see” her future husband’s mom “standing there wearing my dress.”

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“I instantly pulled out my phone and took a photo of her in it. She and my fiancé freaked out after I told her that she needed to pay me for a new dress in [three] days or else I’ll show the whole family the photo. She started crying and then left and my fiancé blew up at me saying I can’t be serious and that I overreacted because his mom just wanted to try the dress on, no harm done,” she explained.

However, the woman believes the wedding gown should “only be worn by the bride.”

She spent $3,000 on her dress, but now she “can’t stand looking at it.”

“I felt disgusted looking at the dress again, I don’t want it anymore. And so I think it’s fair that she pays me after she ruined it for me. He yelled at me and told me to wake up and stop treating his mom like that as if she was an enemy. We had a fight after he failed to get me to back down and he’s been staying with his mom since then,” the bride wrote.

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Users in the comments section rallied behind the bride, with many suggesting she dump her fiancé since he didn’t have her back.

“Are you sure you want to marry this guy? He stood guard outside your bedroom so that his mother could try on your wedding dress. Do you think he will ever stand up for you against her?” one person wrote.

“Send the photo to everyone invited… with an announcement that regretfully, you will no longer be participating in the wedding, but you wish the couple the best,” another commented.

“Make her pay for the dress, then dump him. Maybe offer to sell your engagement ring to her as well, since Mommy Dearest deserves the whole package,” someone else suggested.

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