Brian Ligon Introduces New Melodies In ‘Nowhere But Here II’

Renowned jazz artist Brian Ligon recently came out with an album, a follow up to his 2016 Nowhere But Here, counting thirteen mesmerising tracks. The album opens with “Bad”, a vibrant start to a collection that instantly sets the mood for what’s to come, which is a flavorful bunch of songs that feel fun, lush, and soulful. Nowhere But Here II includes “Carnival” – a jolly celebration of life, “All I Need”, which is simply enchanting, and to top off the epic collection, there’s “The Funk”, a powerful piece listeners are guaranteed to love!

Multi-talented Jazz musician Brian Ligon is a polymath, who not only stands out as a successful artist but is also a practising dentist and former basketball player. Brian Ligon released his debut album Nowhere But Here in 2016. Working closely with the Senior Vice President of Promotion & Marketing for Young Money/Cash Money Records; Mel Smith, the highly-trained musician has added his contribution to many music promotions and special events.

“The release of ‘Nowhere But Here II’ has allowed me to continue to reach new listeners and fans,” Ligon said in an interview. “I’ve been producing music for some major artists like Beyoncé, Drake, and Lil Wayne, to name a few, through the completion and release of ‘Nowhere But Here II’. I think the release of ‘Nowhere But Here II’ showcases my versatility and unique sound as a music producer that may interest other artists.” Read the full interview here and get to know Brian Ligon!