Blakk Mantra Help Us Change Our Perceptions And Get In Touch With The Deepest Reality “Perhaps We’ll Live”

Denver-based Utopian rock duo Blakk Mantra

Just shared a new collection of two songs under the form of a new EP Welcome To El Rey Blvd.

The 2-track EP features the immeasurably beautiful “Perhaps We’ll Live,” a powerhouse rock track that in reality, mixes and merges different sonorities into their own sophisticated signature genre. 

Beyond music, their approach and mission is to share an other view of the world than the one often portrayed in the media, a different message, all through a different kind of music. 

Everything is different with Blakk Mantra, the main element that makes their work so appealing, refreshing, and innovative, despite the sometimes harsh truths they address in their songs. 

If you haven’t yet, make sure to listen to the magical “Perhaps We’ll Live,” a combination of raw sincerity and utopian ideas.