Ben Affleck Says Christian Faith Saved Him

Ben Affleck’s Christian faith has allowed him to accept his imperfections.

The 51-year-old Hollywood actor became a member of the Methodist Church later in life after his ex-wife Jennifer Garner taught him “the ability to reach outside of yourself and take strength from something outside of human understanding.”

Affleck admits this renewed faith has had a profound effect on his life.

In an interview with Sorted magazine, Ben said: “What I truly appreciate, even as I still grapple with my faith and beliefs, as I think all people do at times, is the profound idea that we all have imperfections.

“It’s our journey to seek redemption, embrace divine love, better ourselves, cherish others, refrain from judgement and extend forgiveness.

“The concept that God, through Jesus, embraces and pardons all of us – from those we admire to those we might judge or resent – is powerful.

“If God can show such boundless love, urging us to love, avoid judgement and offer forgiveness, it serves as a profound model of how we should strive to be.”

The Justice League actor’s religious journey came after a long and difficult battle with alcohol abuse.

Ben blamed his own father Timothy’s chronic alcoholism for his own drinking problems.

He said: “Seeing my father inebriated daily surely left a mark.

“I never imagined I’d follow that path, but it happened.

“After work, I’d drink to the point of unconsciousness, mirroring my father’s habits, though I never consciously made the connection.

“In moments of personal turmoil, it’s hard to recognize the negative patterns or consider how others see them, or even if they stem from past traumas. For me, drinking wasn’t always about escaping reality; I genuinely liked the taste!”

Despite his hardships, the actor said he was in a much better place now and doubts he will ever relapse.

Affleck, who is now married to Jennifer Lopez, explained: “Alcohol dependency was something that I felt was getting out of control – I didn’t feel I had a good grip on my faculties and senses, but I must have had enough to know that what I was doing on an almost daily basis wasn’t good for me, or those around me.

“At this stage in my life, I feel a lot stronger as regards my health and my tendency not to drink.”

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