Bar Rejects Couple for Not Being ‘Good Looking’ Enough

A man and his wife felt “humiliated” after they were denied entry into a popular hot spot during their date night.

“After we left the show, we wanted to try out a new, really popular bar that was a few blocks away. When we got there, there was a giant line to get in. She really wanted to see it, so we waited around 15 or 20 minutes,” he wrote on Reddit.

After waiting a while, a group of people that “had a look as if they walked out of a magazine or some Instagram influencer page roamed up to the front of the line and were invited in by the staff.”

Right after that group was let in, the “line closed off right as we were at the front of the line.”

“My wife and I are both pushing 40 and are not exactly as glamorous looking as that group, even though I think we were dressed just as nicely and put ourselves together the best we can. Getting plainly told in coded language that we weren’t good enough or good looking enough was a really embarrassing moment and it really kind of ruined our night,” he continued.

The man noted he and his wife were never the “popular kids in school,” and “were always the types to be picked last, and frankly have put up with that sort of thing our whole lives.”

“Getting ridiculed in that way was a really hurtful way to whiplash us into some PTSD and I don’t think either of us have been able to stop reliving that moment in our head ever since,” he concluded.

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Users tried to comfort the man in the comments section.

“Have you never been to a popular club/bar before? Forget being good looking, you can just get in if you know the right people. Unless you do, have a reservation, are incredible looking or arrive early, you’ll have to wait. They’ll open up the doors again. The point is, it has nothing to do with you. I mean hell, I’ve seen some great looking people get denied at nightclubs, there’s only so many that can get in,” one person wrote.

“This isn’t on either of you. Some venues/bars/nightclubs choose to be pretentious and keep up an image of exclusivity allowing only ‘good looking’ and ‘cool’ people while maintaining a female-to-male ratio. The doorman is a paid gatekeeper,” another commented.

“Why would you still want to go to a place like that anyway? I’d high five yourselves for not giving that business any of your money,” someone else shared.

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