Baby Smacks Bible Into Holy Water During Baptism (VIDEO)

An adorable baby recently went viral after a baptism went hilariously wrong.

On July 30, TikTok user @nattyiceicebabyy shared the chaotic moment a baby knocked the Bible out of the hands of the priest trying to baptize him.

The baby smacked the book out of the priest’s hands while the priest was reading from the scripture. The Bible tumbled directly into the holy water in the baptistery as the child’s parents, family and friends watched and gasped in shock.

“Hope you find this as funny as we did,” @nattyiceicebabyy captioned the funny clip, tagging entertainment blog Barstool Sports.

Check out the viral video below:

Viewers offered up some hilarious quips about the incident in the comments section of the viral TikTok video.

“I don’t see pictures, next book,” one viewer commented.

“Baby is setting boundaries early in life and I’m here for it,” another person wrote.

“How even Jesus in the background was looking concerned!” someone else noted.

“Priest upgrades baptism to an exorcism,” another person joked.

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Mom Candace Williams spoke to Today after her baby boy, whose name is Sullivan, went viral online for his baptismal shenanigans.

“He was a champ. He picked the book right back up and kept going,” Williams said of the priest’s reaction.

“He was turning the pages and they were soaking wet. Later, my husband was like, ‘Every time I looked at the pages dripping, I started laughing,'” she added.

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