Anastasia Solay: A Beacon in the Dark – The Story Behind “Candlelight”

Anastasia Solay

In an intimate conversation, rising star Anastasia Solay reveals the creative process behind her latest release, “Candlelight,” a track that’s fast becoming an anthem for the introspective soul. The song, a poignant blend of memory and self-discovery, is a window into her unique artistry. 

Candlelight was born in a quaint cafe setting, with a mysterious wanderer at its heart,” Solay shares. This imagery, she explains, was pivotal in crafting the music video’s atmosphere, where each character’s individuality shines amidst the enveloping mystery. The location’s inherent character, she notes, played a significant role in bringing her vision to life. 

Solay’s lyrical inspiration often springs from the depths of personal experience, evident in lines like, “Maybe that’s why I don’t see you no more” and “I’ll be sending my love away, away.” These words, she confides, were impromptu, a melodic collage of memories and feelings that emerged organically during a live performance. 

Her upcoming album, Heart of a Star, is a testament to spontaneous creativity. “The track ‘Start a Fire’ was a one-take freestyle,” she reveals, emphasizing the importance of preserving raw emotion. 

Anastasia’s music is not just about personal expression but also reflects her connection to global narratives. She hopes ‘Heart of a Star‘ offers a journey of strength, love, hope, and beauty, aligning with her belief in universal healing through personal growth. 

An eclectic blend of influences, from Tchaikovsky to Aretha Franklin, shapes her sound. Solay highlights “Candlelight” as a track that particularly showcases this diversity, with its fusion of genres and emotional depth. Ultimately, she envisions her music as a companion on her audience’s emotional journeys, offering strength, hope, and moments of connection. 

Watch the official music videos for “Candlelight” and “Heart of a Star” below: