AKITA’s Collaborative Creativity & Diverse Sound Elements Bring About For The Night

AKITA, the Southeastern-based funk band, has finally released their third album titled, For The Night. With an eclectic mix of musical styles, the seven-piece group once again creates a unique listening experience for their devoted fans. The record consists of eight tracks, including their most recent release, “The Way It Is,” and is set to be released on vinyl to celebrate their first full-length project. 

During an interview, AKITA revealed that For The Night took a year to prepare, with seven members contributing their individual musical knowledge and skills to the collaborative songwriting process. The band also added unique elements to the album, including violin, flute, and female vocals from three other artists. 

The title track, “For The Night,” is inspired by the late-night, club vibe of Luther Vandross’ “Never Too Much.” According to the band, the lyrics and feel of the song represent AKITA’s view on life, encouraging listeners to let loose and have a good time after a long week of work and stress. 

Their ability to combine different genre elements and create a lively atmosphere in their music is due to the diversity of AKITA’s musical knowledge, skills, personalities, and influences. The band typically starts with a riff or line from one member and builds on it through a long process of ideas and decisions on what sounds best. 

When it comes to touring and collaborations, AKITA dreams of working with Vulfpeck or Lettuce, both of which have been huge inspirations to the band. For The Night is an explosive blend of collaborative creativity and diverse sound elements, showcasing their unique musical vision. As the group sets out on tour, fans can expect an unforgettable experience that will leave them wanting more.

Listen to the full album here: