After “WNDR” Nova Gholar Is Back With “FRDM”

California-based singer-songwriter, recording artist, and producer Nova Gholar is back with a new music video, “FRDM.” He follows-up to “WNDR,” a powerful song dropped alongside African aesthetics-inspired visuals. 

The music video for “FRDM” contains many symbols and references, from Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” for the opening scene of Nova’s music video, to Richie Havens’ classic song “Freedom.” Nova Gholar can be seen and heard delivering one of his most impactful performances to date.  

The son of a pastor, Nova Gholar first tested his skills in church, before becoming a fruitful artist who has worked with big names in the industry including Young Money CEO Lil Wayne, but also Christina Milian and Lil Twist.  

Nova Gholar’s 2018 album The Preacher’s Kid has also become a fan-favorite over the past years, paving the way for many more success including for “WNDR” and “FRDM.”