A Look at the Sept. 29 Flooding in New York City (PICS & VIDEOS)

Torrential rain is currently tearing through New York City, causing extreme flooding and hazardous conditions for frustrated New Yorkers.

CNN reports that as of Friday (Sept. 29) afternoon, a month’s worth of rain has already doused the city with a “widespread 2 to 5 inches,” with “much more to come.” The outlet notes rain fell in excess of 1 to 2 inches per hour earlier today and that totals could amount to 8 inches or more.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has already declared a state of emergency, which extends from New York City into Long Island and the Hudson Valley.

“This is a dangerous weather condition and it is not over. I don’t want those gaps in heavy rain to give the appearance that it is over, it is not,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said in a news briefing earlier, according to CNN.

Flooding throughout the city and surrounding areas will affect about 25 million people. A New York City travel advisory will remain in effect until at least 6AM ET on Saturday (Sept. 30).

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The intense rainfall has caused hazardous traveling conditions all across the tri-state area, especially in areas such as Manhattan and Brooklyn, where dirty water is overflowing into subway stations, railways and even buses.

Many roadways are also flooded, making it difficult and dangerous for vehicles to travel, and the rain has even affected air travel. CNN reports flooding at LaGuardia airport has kept crews at the airport from being able to access ramps, causing flight delays. Terminal A is still closed as of publishing.

On social media, photos and videos of the flooding in New York City present a surreal scene as commuters wade through knee-high water in subway stations and cars are submerged to their headlights while traveling on the FDR Drive parkway.

See videos and more from the New York City flooding today, below:

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Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll