5’2 Drops Her New EP Titled Pages Of Me: Chapter One

American female rapper 5’2 continues to surprise the Hip Hop industry as her talent seems to know no bounds on her new 7-track EP Pages Of Me: Chapter One.
From the swaggy vibes all the way to the minimalistic soundscapes, With her surreal rapping flow, control of melodies, and visual storytelling, she perfectly offsets the music’s minimalism.

The collection of 7 tracks does a great job at living up to the title of the EP. It perfectly describes some of the pages of her life and it’s thrilling to know that we are still getting introduced to chapter one. The EP certainly is a celebration of 5’2’s career as it includes some of the most celebratory and thrilling Hip Hop sounds ever created by the young urban creative.
It takes a while to cohere, but the depth, as well as the breadth of 5’2’s ideas showcased throughout the EP, carry the album. To those without the stomach for 5’2’s raw flow, Pages Of Me: Chapter One will often sound too much. For those who are feeling adventurous and hungry for some hard barbs and a magnetic persona, 5’2 is a worthy companion.

Check out 5’2 on Instagram and make sure to go through the fascinating EP below: