31 Products That Fully Deserve Their “Shark Tank” Hype

So, I have one of these and I call it my pajelehoocho. A pajelehoocho? Yeah, anyone ever watch Victorious, the episode where Cat’s wearing that thing that’s pajamas, a hoodie, leggings, and everything in between. It was the pajelehoocho and this warm little angel product is so cozy it just gave me pajelehoocho vibes. But anyways, one size fits all and this is literally like wearing your favorite warm blanket. I think this was one of my fave gifts I’ve ever gotten because I’m always cold. Seriously cannot get through winter without my pajelehoocho. This is the only thing that actually keeps me warm and I’m here to say it’s def worth alllll the hype.

Promising review: “Literally THE BEST $40 I’ve spent in YEARS. EVERYONE. MUST. OWN. ONE. Now, I think I need another one in black, mine is so freaking awesome!! I’m training a puppy in the middle of the dead of northern Michigan winter and I don’t ever take the thing off, because I’m inside and outside all day long. I like this better than wearing a jacket. It really truly does make you feel comfy, borderline lazy because I ain’t going to lie, waking up in blankets is so wonderful, it’s easy to go right back to sleep. If I had $$$ I’d gift one to everyone I know. I recently watched a 2020 special where this was found and blown up on Shark Tank. These are the greatest things since sliced bread especially in places with harsh winters. 10 out of 5 STARS!! I would be shocked if anyone buys this and regrets it. Absolutely phenomenal product and value, big bang for your buck.” —Sarah

Get it from Amazon for $49.97+ (available in 22 colors).