ZEDD Confirms First Album In 5 Years Coming In 2020

Producers like to use social media for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s sharing what they’re up to at any given moment or promoting a new song or tour, you can bet their fans will hear it from the horse’s mouth first if they’re followed on Twitter or subscribed to text alerts. One obvious way that Twitter has been useful in teasing new material is in quoting fans begging for it, and that’s exactly what Zedd has done.

One fan, who replied to an otherwise irrelevant tweet about set times for his NYE set in Florida, said, “its been 5 years since your last album Zedd please stop playing.”

Zedd took the opportunity to quote tweet this tweet, and this tweet specifically, and say, “2020.”

Zedd released his sophomore album True Colors in 2015, a brilliant and wonderful collection of tracks. In the years since, he has leaned more toward pop and put out a number of massive tracks like “Stay,” “Get Low,” “Starving,” “The Middle,” “Happy Now,” “365,” and most recently, “Good Thing.”

With only so many singles in the span of four years, it’s not unreasonable at all to imagine that he might release an album next year.

Stay tuned for a more “official” announcement whenever one is made, but you can consider this the beginning of the album push if you wish it.


Photo courtesy of Coachella