Yamaha's VOCALOID 5 lets you produce realistic singing voices

Yamaha’s new vocal synthesis stware will make creating singing voices for producers easier than ever before when using a computer.

This will be the first release its kind from Yamaha in over four years and will enable users to create voices and lyrics from a huge database voices based on real human interaction.

VOCALOID 5 will also make it simpler to create variation in singing voices and has 11 dynamic audio effects for vocal tracks.

It comes with four voicebanks, male and female, and in Japanese and English, from r’n’b to vocals ideal for J-pop.

The drag-and-drop song creation, a range voices from a multitude genres and increased functionality and efficiency means it could become the go-to stware this kind for producers.

Yoichiro Saito, general manager Yamaha’s DMI Division, said: VOCALOID 5 adds virtual vocalists to your music production environment. They can sing your lyrics and melodies in your favourite voices and desired singing styles. Enjoy the experience being able to edit singing voices however you like.”

Find more information and download the stware . See some images what it looks like below.