Yaeji makes it rain on genre-bending, hour-long mix

: James Emmerman

One the most talked about artists in the game right now, Yaeji has delivered the goods in the form a new mix for No Fun Radio, recorded on March 31st and available to relive now.

Yaeji – who has gifted us with house-meets-hip-hop gems such as ‘raingurl’ and ‘Drink I’m Sippin on’ – creates a never ending, space ward bound vortex through the way she bends the scope sound while still managing to fit into the confines genre. In doing so she manages to make reference to each sub genre that comes under the moniker house music, while still keeping it palatable for the everyday listener. The further into the mix you go the more experimental and spellbinding the sonics become.

Pro tip: skip to 29:00 and get lost in the blissful transition noise that pours out your speakers, make sure you keep listening until at least 34:00, or even longer as it just keeps getting better from there on in.

Peep to the mix below: