Yachtclub101 Mix Synthpop and Cats on "Leave Me Alone" (premiere)

Scott Ayers once fronted the Lovemakers, recorded an album on Interscope with them, and scored a hit with “Prepare for the Fight”. Now, the talented songwriter has a new project called Yachtclub101, and plans to release three albums in the three years. The burst of productivity has been spurred on by Ayers’ long struggle with asthma and the increased medical risk he faces during these COVID-19 times. But his new music is hardly morose or overly serious. Quite the opposite, as Ayers aims to spread joy and happiness through music during these tough times.

As a result, songs like his latest single “Leave Me Alone” sparkle with glorious pop melodies, bubbly synths, infectious dance beats, and sing-along choruses. “Leave Me Alone” also happens to sport the best video you’ll see in ages because it features cats. Come on, cats in a video with some of the most killer melodies of the year? Utterly irresistible.

Ayers says, “this song has the most kind of straight references sonically, Duran Duran, Milli Vanilli, the Grateful Dead, and early Britpop can be picked out. I really love all types of bands. The drumbeat is basically every Milli Vanilli song, I think they used the same beat for every other song, and the solo is a Jerry tribute and totally intentional.”

“Leave Me Alone” appears on Yachtclub101’s debut album releasing on 13 November.