Xloxlyp, Flamongo & Hartry Link Up For Tropical Bass “Drifting”

Although we seldom feature future bass anymore, Drifting by Canadian producers Xloxlyp and Flamongo with vocals from Hartry stood out amongst the uninspiring and generic stuff that fills my feed.

What sounds like an unassuming intro quickly kicks into another realm. Combining wind, movie scores, African drums, and a mixture of 808’s, Drifting soars with a tropical house fever and monolithic horns from Poseidon that can be heard from coast to coast. Waterdrops, little background notes, and pitched vocals add a playful nature to the cut as it rises and crunches with a tide of synths. However afar you may be, Hartry’s graceful vocals are the air that will guide you back to shore, so listen below and drift away.